Certified Design Thinking Educator

The Certified Design Thinking Educator Program gives teachers an in-depth experience using design in the classroom. Educators will develop mastery of skills necessary for running a Design Thinking program with students. Through this program, educators will teach students a repeatable process of ideation, validation and rapid prototyping in order to generate innovative solutions to problems using a user-centred approach.

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Future Skills Educator Experience

Join a community of like-minded schools working to achieve high standards for preparing future ready graduates. Certified teachers are leaders in educational transformation and pioneers in designing experiential learning programs for students. Through this program, you will participate in a learning journey with other educators to support students in developing mastery in Design Thinking. The Certified Design Thinking Educator Program promises a Professional Development experience unlike any other.


Fully Online

The Certified Design Thinking Educator Program is delivered fully online, using both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities, making this program accessible to all across North America

Climate and Culture

Teacher Support

With ongoing support from a Future Design School team member, educators will be guided through a program consisting of in-depth experiential learning, ongoing reflection and the development of a Professional Learning Network with other like-minded innovative educators.

Space and Infrastructure

Micro Credentials

At the conclusion of the program, educators will be certified to grant students micro-credentials in Design Thinking, which can be added to their portfolios or resumes.

Space and Infrastructure

Solve Real World Problems

In becoming a Certified Design Thinking Educator, educators will take students through a user-centred journey by developing empathy for users in developing solutions to real-world problems.

Students will gain Future-Ready Skills in:

  • Design

  • Global and Future Vision

  • Critical Thinking

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Collaboration

  • Innovation

This program is perfect for teachers who would like to embed Design Thinking into their curriculum, or those looking to run passion projects with students.