Genius Hour Webinar - May 2017


May 25 - May 25 , 2017



Create powerful, personalized learning experiences for your students that inspire innovative thinking and meaningful creativity. Future Design School's (FDS) curriculum takes the concept of Genius Hour, or 20% Time, to the next level by providing concrete, yet flexible structures to guide student thinking towards action. Students will learn and harness design thinking methods and develop an innovator's mindset. Teachers can be confident that they are encouraging students to pursue their passion while also meeting learning goals and provincial and state expectations and outcomes. This one-hour webinar is a great way to prepare teachers to leverage FDS' curriculum in an effective manner.

Key Takeaways

Guide Students to Engage in Passion Projects

Empower Students to be Future Ready

Harness Design Thinking Methods & Develop an Innovator's Mindset

This course is
for you if...

  • Want to empower student creativity

  • Run an exceptional Genius Hour experience

  • Use FDS curriculum effectively

"Students are being inspired by the empathy they are developing. Students are engaged to solve real problems and be creative!"

James Lee, Head of Rosedale Day School


8pm EST - 9pm EST



Leslie McBeth

Leslie is an educator on a mission to empower students to solve the world's big problems. Leslie spent six year teaching at Greenwood College School where she used design thinking and project-based learning to engage students in real-world experiences. Prior to teaching, Leslie was an advocate for using design to improve the public built environment at the Design Trust for Public Space in New York City.


$25 + tax

Included Materials:

  • All materials provided

Genius Hour Webinar - May 2017

Online, Online

May 25 - May 25 , 2017

$25 + tax