Future Design School offers world-class training, workshops, and certification supported by a vibrant community of educators, designers and entrepreneurs.

Get inspired and be empowered to facilitate innovation in your own school and classroom at our Future Skills Institutes, Distinguish yourself as a thought leader in education by becoming a Future Skills Designer, and gain credentials that will set you apart.

"Our team loved the workshop and have been brainstorming since we left!"
Adam Gelmon
Director of Learning and Innovation, Vancouver Talmud Torah School
"It was goosebumps good!"
Lee-Ann Hayen
Principal, Castle Rock Middle School, Colorado

Become A Certified Future Skills Designer

Every time you participate in a Future Design School workshop or training program, you are not only learning to drive innovation in your school, but you are also earning leveled badges that build recognize your progression towards becoming a Certified Future Skills Designer.

This six-step badging system is not just about learning new skills, but also applying those skills through experiments in your classroom or school, collaborating with others through supported communities, and sharing the results with a wider audience.


Future Skills Institutes

The Future Skills Institutes are designed to empower teachers to build classrooms of the future. This action-packed, hands-on professional development experience will provide you with immediately applicable methods and tools that you can use in your classroom or school to build creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills in your students. You will meet other innovative educators and walk away with a unit plan for your classroom that embeds design thinking, entrepreneurship, global mindfulness and innovation into your daily routines.

The Future Skills Institutes are also your first step towards becoming a Certified Future Skills Designer -- all participants receive their level 1 Future Skills Badge!

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Upcoming Institutes

Curriculum + Assessment

Preparing your students for the future has never been easier. After countless requests from teachers across North America, and extensive consultation with top educators, designers and entrepreneurs, we have developed comprehensive curriculum and assessment tools that make learning engaging, relevant and enriching for students. Our courses are designed to develop students' creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills, while incorporating themes of entrepreneurship, design thinking, global mindfulness and innovation.

Delivered through the Future Design School App, these plug-and-play resources for teachers cover curriculum standards and expectations through a personalized, student-driven learning experience.

Curriculum and Assessment

Professional Learning Communities

Future Design School's Professional Learning Communities are ongoing, job-embedded professional development programs that allow teachers to connect with future-forward educators while designing transformational learning experiences. Learn and grow with like minded peers through blended in-person and online programs or received personalized mentorship from Future Design School staff..