We help school leaders plan and
implement innovative strategy

We are building a network of exceptional
school leaders who:

  • Are keen to uncover opportunities to further enhance future readiness in their schools.

  • Value ongoing professional learning opportunities that drive project based learning and inquiry for all students.

  • Believe in the abilities of educators to have remarkable impact on students’ futures.

"Students are being inspired by the empathy they are developing. Students are engaged to solve real problems and be creative!"
James Lee
Head of Rosedale Day School

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We support school leaders by:

School Certification

Benchmarking, measuring and demonstrating ongoing impact in their schools.


Strategically planning actionable experiments that move their schools’ innovation forward.

Future Ready Skills

Providing ongoing opportunities to showcase the learning gains and student outcomes towards future readiness.


Work with our expert facilitators to bring together key stakeholders for strategic discussion. Our seasoned moderators can help any team collaborate to build consensus and develop shared goals.

Create New Strategy

Learn and leverage user-centred design methods to gather stakeholder input to understand opportunities for enhancing future readiness in your school or district. Using real insights from both teachers and students, we can help your team develop a strategic plan that is both aspirational and attainable.

Refine Existing Strategy

Reflect on your progress towards meeting your strategic goals. Identify areas of opportunity and work to refine your current plan to ensure that you are driving desired outputs.

Gain Stakeholder Buy-in

Leverage our facilitators to help engage key stakeholders to drive shared belief and adoption of new programs and initiatives.

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Once your strategy is set, take steps to bring your plan to life. Set actionable, realistic milestones, accountability metrics and communicate success on an ongoing basis.

Enlist our experts to support implementation of any innovation strategy. Our team can lead your group from end-to-end or help at any particular milestone. We specialize in strategy development and execution.

We can help at every step of the journey

Step 1

Cultivate Shared Vision

Ensure deep understanding and shared vision amongst a team.

Step 2

Create Action Plan

Create a clear plan for executing vision and building capacity wherever needed.

Step 3

Develop Measurable Goals

Set clear metrics with assigned timelines and accountability. Determine ongoing measurement of progress.

Step 4

Build Communication Process

Ensure ongoing communication plan around innovation strategy, vision and progress around goal achievement.

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Future Skills

Our Future Skills Index is a detailed assessment of innovation capacity, agility and climate. The index helps uncover actionable opportunities to build further capacity as well as highlight winning formulas and approaches already being employed in your school. The robust diagnostic tool evaluates critical elements across a broad spectrum including culture, curriculum, community, faculty and structure.

Learn how school teachers leverage our index to develop strategy and drive measurable progress in their schools.

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