Future Prize

Future Design School’s Future Prize is an exciting opportunity to create a team and compete in a fun and transformative experience that deeply engages students in creating solutions to real world issues.

Bring together a team of students to participate in this immersive and collaborative competition that deeply engages participants in building solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Students learn how to leverage world class design methods to uncover needs and create prototypes for implementation.

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Our renowned competition empowers students to get involved and become stewards within their own communities, enables them to showcase their ideas on a public stage and celebrates the real world impact that youth can have to make meaningful change!

Each year Future Design School provides a new complex challenge to solve. Teams are provided with resources, activities and instructions on how to find their own unique area of focus within the challenge and work together towards building meaningful and actionable solutions to the problem. At each level of competition, Future Design School selects teams to move forward in the Future Prize Challenge, taking their local competition to the next level. Winners receive recognition and trophies to take back to their school!

Be a part of a powerful movement in creating meaningful change around the world!

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