Journey Based Assessment

Assessment is the linchpin to driving essential skill and competency development.

Journey Based Assessment is a powerful approach that can drive deep learning and facilitate specific, measurable student growth over time. Assessments need to reward curiosity, ambition, resourcefulness, iteration and the connecting of seemingly disparate ideas, among other concepts. Journey Based Practitioners value the journey of learning over the product. They recognize risk taking and create a continuous cycle of feedback that incorporates conversations, observations and student collaboration supporting the development of students’ metacognitive reflection.

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Students are involved in co-construction of documentation tools and criteria, reflect deeply on the transferability of acquired knowledge and have true agency over their own learning journey. Students engage in meaningful peer assessment and participate in public presentations of work outside the classroom. Students actively develop their own character and capabilities; understanding themselves as learners and consciously seeking mastery across identified skills.

Journey Based Assessment provides substantive evidence that demonstrates where each student is within their own development of specific competencies and our spectrum analysis tools enable educators to easily understand individual needs and how to drive learning forward in a personalized way.

Learn About:

  • Best practices for designing assessments that fuel student growth

  • Building authentic challenge based experiences that engage students in deep learning and measuring what matters

  • Incorporating conversations, observations and products holistically into the assessment cycle

  • Incorporating peer and self assessment into the assessment cycle

  • Personalizing assessment for students with diverse learning needs

  • Establishing long term and effective student portfolios

  • Effectively assessing specific skills and competencies for each student

  • Ensuring that assessment practices align with curriculum standards while also encouraging student interest, voice and choice

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