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Future Design School offers a number of direct to student workshops in a variety of topics. Suitable for students in all grades, students will learn tools and methods to develop their future ready skillsets and equip them with a mindset that will allow them to navigate the unknown.

Engage with our team to build a customized plan that supports your unique vision and goals for your students. Our world class workshops engage students and provide them with actionable skill sets that they can implement immediately and leverage in the future. Our workshops are not only fun and engaging, but provide inclusive and collaborative environments to push ideas and develop great ideas!

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“It was great. Made the students reflect and work as a team.”

Teacher, TDSB

“Great learning experience, super hands on and fun!!”

High School Student

We Implement Workshops In

Design Thinking

Understand how to leverage the design thinking methodology for creative problem solving. Learn actionable and repeatable tools you can use anywhere.


Analyze your own leadership style and understand how to leverage your own skills to empower others. Learn the complexities of leadership and the importance of understanding and supporting others.

Computational Thinking & Coding

Students will leverage computational thinking and coding to engage in real-world problem solving through relevant projects while, decomposing problems, recognizing patterns, understanding pattern generalisation, designing algorithms.


Develop the mindset to see challenges as opportunities and problems worth solving. Nurture your creative confidence and the development of innovative processes, products and solutions.

Equity & Inclusion

Understand the power of unconscious bias and how our personal experience impacts how you interpret information and the world around you. Learn to identify your biases and participate in fun, engaging and thought provoking activities that will allow participants to challenge their perspectives and build more inclusive environments.

App Design

Design ideas that will positively impact issues you care about! Learn the same tools and methods that are used to create the world’s most innovative technology.

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