School Design

Imagining what the future of learning should be is our passion and purpose at Future Design School.

We work with pioneers globally who are building new schools from the ground up, as well as with those who are looking to transform the current paradigm for schooling in their existing institutions.

Leveraging a user centered design process, we work with school teams to collaboratively reinvent the future of teaching and learning. Partner with our experts to develop concrete plans for bringing your dream into reality through:

  • Concrete strategic planning

  • Creative communications

  • New program design

  • Curriculum development

  • Sustained professional development

  • Leadership coaching and mentorship

  • Community connected partnerships

  • Innovative and flexible timetabling

  • Developing unique school plans

  • Designing learning spaces

  • Peer to peer networks for innovative educators

  • Supporting recruitment and retention of students and teachers

  • Effective performance management

  • Financial forecasting and management

  • Constructing creative fundraising campaigns to drive your vision forward

Our Process

We put students and teachers at the center of the solutions developed ensuring that we’re building the future of education while addressing unique and proven needs. Leverage our experts who work with hundreds of schools around the world and have deep experience in designing schools.

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Work with our team of pedagogical and school experts to plan a new school model that drives your vision for future ready learning forward.