Space Design

Space in school is an important tool that can be utilized by teachers and students to enhance learning. We believe the physical environment acts as the third teacher beyond the adults and students in a school building.

Future Design School can be enlisted to design learning spaces that drive effective pedagogical approaches as well as support deep competency development and skill mastery.

We work with school teams to leverage user centered design to collaboratively create spaces that address student and teacher needs.

Our space experts can help design new spaces, redesign traditional spaces and expand learning spaces beyond the four walls of the classroom.

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Our Process

We believe that the whole school should be considered learning space. And that all space should support dynamic learning and teaching; that there should be flexibility and agility to reconfigure space as a school’s needs change; that community spaces drive critical interactions for meaningful connection; and that the flow from one space to another should augment collaborative learning.

Our process for space design

Strategic Vision & Problem Investigation

We work with the group that has been assigned to the space design team ensuring alignment on vision for the space, including the driving pedagogical practices. We seek to understand the current flow of the school and identify opportunities for change, enhancement and amplification of learning.

User Discovery

We spend time observing the teaching and learning, meet with teachers, students, administrators and any other key stakeholders. We compile key needs, themes and desires, and utilize them in the process of making recommendations for change in space that support pedagogical approaches that drive future ready skill building.

Prototyping, Experimentation & Iteration

We work with the space design team to identify experiments to test the initial key ideas for change. These can include prototype classroom spaces, portables that can be mobile testing spaces, traditional classroom augmentation to test furniture, classroom orientation, team teaching and new technologies to support learning. We gather data from these experiments and use them to drive recommendations.

Recommendations and Communication

Using the key themes that arose throughout the design and experimentation process, the Future Design School team will make recommendations that can be utilized when engaging architects, striking up campaigns, and rallying your school’s stakeholder community, including teachers, students, parents and boards.

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Work with our seasoned team of pedagogical and space experts to develop a unique plan for your school that drives your vision for deep learning forward.