Program Design

Looking to reimagine a course, grade, division or an entire school program? Future Design School has helped countless schools and districts do exactly that.

From the seed of an idea, through to a full blown vision, our team helps educators design exceptional learning programs that deeply support student competency development and skill mastery.

“FDS offers an incredible opportunity to integrate inquiry with the curriculum, and acts as time well spent engaged in productive planning and collaboration!”

Carrie Williams, Grade ⅞ Teacher, Bluewater District School Board, Ontario

We understand what makes engaging and efficacious learning.

We believe in authentic, challenge based learning that engages students to think deeply, inspires them to ask provocative questions and builds their skills and competencies. We develop executive functioning that is essential for future readiness and build growth mindsets critical for post secondary success.

We believe that each individual possesses unique talents and deserves opportunities to explore their interests and discover their own potential. We recognize that each learner is different and that everyone requires personalized pathways and support.

We know that in order to thrive in a rapidly changing world, individuals need to develop flexible, adaptable problem solving skillsets and have the creative confidence to tackle complex challenges. We believe in experiential learning that engages students in authentic, real world problem solving.

“It was amazing-- I was able to take a program that has been missing 'something' for awhile and ideating some great new paths forward!”

Jenn Bateman, Senior School Teacher, St. Michael’s University School, British Columbia

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